May 2010

Well, I figured it was about time I update the latest news.....( I know, ya think Dale?) Last year was that of some interesting events, gigs, parties, etc.. and I was glad to be a part of it all. By the way, we're back at Martell's Tiki Bar on Monday afternoons from 2-6pm, among many other places, so be sure to stop by.

In other news, just weeks ago, my previous original band Rattlebone got together for a "one off performance" with Great White (Once Bitten, Twice Shy, Angel Song, Save Your Love, etc..). I gotta tell ya, we had a BLAST doin' this and although it certainly wasn't the biggest show we've done to date, it was good to see so many people we hadn't seen in nearly 12 years! That's right, we hadn't a full show together in 12 years. The laughs at practice were enough to make it a worth while event for me!!

I want to make mention of a great group of musicians and all around down to Earth guys I met from Australia. I was recently in NYC w/some friends to check out Arlene's World Famous Karaoke Band (At Arlene's Grocery in NYC). Also, performing that night was a band called Electric Mary. From the first chord my friends and I heard, we were FROZEN in our tracks and could not take our eyes of this band. These guys brought to the table something SO MANY of today's bands couldn't even touch. That being, ROCK N' ROLL charisma and great melodic riff oriented tunes. Of course the side splitting depth of their sound didn't hurt either!!! Just weeks later, I had the pleasure to throw a side project together just for the opportunity to perform on the same stage w/ Electric Mary. I'd like to say in that short time, we'd built a very friendly rapport and I have a lot of respect for these guys. If you haven't heard or if I didn't call you and say "HOLY SHIT, YOU'VE GOTTA HEAR THIS BAND!!!!", well, then here's where ya go. These guys are the REAL DEAL, look forward to catchin' up w/them again in July. Thanks, Rusty, Irwin, Venom, Pete and Alex!

As you can imagine, this summer will be filled w/some great shows and what better way to spend some shore time than hangin' w/me and Bruce (or whomever might guest appear in his place when he's unavailable). We've got some new tunes lined up for ya and I'm certainly lookin' forward to some beach time.....cuz this pale skin just ain't workin! If I find you guys are checkin' this news out, I'll be glad to continue, hence my reason for this update. (Started gettin' some flack from people!) Look forward to seein' everyone and don't be shy, please come up and say hello. Feel free to leave somethin' on my message board OR just email me just as easily to

Thanks for droppin' by,

August 2008

What's up! Yeah, I'd say it's been a while since I've written. Well, just comin' to the end of another busy summer and still tryin' to wrap my head around where it all went. I want to thank those of you who have often been around at my gigs for the past couple of years. I've also met a lot of new people this summer who made some questionable dates worth it. On a different note, since April 2nd I've been working on landing an audition with Velvet Revolver. Yep, who know 'em....Slash, Duff, Matt, Dave. Now minus one Scott Weiland. I've been in touch w/management for months now since Scott's departure and though slowly, things are progressing. Whether that means I'll find myself out in LA at some point, well that's anyone's guess, but I hope. Lot of competition there, especially knowin' the guys have access to some well known singers. Thankfully "BIG NAME" doesn't always mean better. I'm really not at liberty to say much more than that right now, but I'm keepin' my fingers crossed and ready to take the flight if my hard work pays off. In the meantime check out the videos I have on YouTube ( & ( and leave a comment and also while you're at it, leave a comment on my message board. In the meantime, check out the dates and come on out. Your support is always appreciated, see ya soon.

March 2008

SUMMER....oh here it comes!!! Looks like things are pickin' up. How do Monday's at Martell's Tiki Bar sound to ya? Good? Well, every Monday starting in June come check out me and Bruce throwin' out some new tunes to the crowd.....and guys did I mention there's a lot of ladies walkin' around in BIKINIS at the Jersey Shore between the hours of 2-6? Lookin' forward to seeing all of you then. In the meantime check out my current dates and don't be a stranger.

January 2008

What's up, Happy New Year! Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. Well, not a whole hell of a lot to share right now, bunch of stuff in the works. Still busy playin' as much as possible and tryin' to drum up some new places to venture in with the full band ASO ( It was recently Bruce's birthday on January 7th, so Happy Birthday to Bruce....I'll keep his age hush hush! Right now, my baby, my Martin acoustic is in the shop for a little TLC at the Martin Factory in Nazareth, PA. Proud to be a player of these great instruments and their representatives/luthiers are among the best I've had the pleasure of dealing with. They have been beyond professional with all of my needs. Two gentleman I thank imparticular are C.C. and Dave Doll. Other than that boys and girls, not much to get into. The height of what usually becomes the busy season is still a slight bit away, however if all goes well you'll be seeing a fairly busy schedule on my dates page. Look out for some of the new clubs I'm playing like PJ Ryan's in Jersey City and Farrell's in Pt. Pleasant. Also, look out for a possible date or two at the House of Blues in Atlantic City. Til then, "sing it like ya mean it!".

August 2007

Hey guys! Well, been gettin' some flack for not keeping on top of the news, so figured it was time. Is we come to the close of the summer I have to tell you, it's been a great one for me on a business level. I've made some great connections and have played some real sweet gigs. I've received many emails and some guestbook comments and I appreciate them all, so please continue to keep in touch. I also had the opportunity this year to hang with some friends on the Ratt/Poison tour, in addition to have the pleasure of meeting Mike Inez and Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains. Spent a well needed mini vacation in Pennsylvania.......I know "WHAT?". Yep, PA! Granted, I would preferred an island getaway, but It was an awesome place to escape from everyone who was takin' over the Jersey Shore. No traffic, no noise.......try it sometime. With the fall I'll be doing some recording for Mike Bino (Rattlebone) who is releasing a solo album (he's been on me for so long and it's time). As for Bruce Terkildsen and Richie Rodriguez, I'd like to thank them both for bein' there on my right (as they are LEFTY PLAYERS) to share in a lot of the gigs this summer. They will continue to be a large part of my gigging as long as I am able to do so. As for the full band, ASO, we're still slowly movin' along tryin' to land some new venues. So, keep your eyes peeled on the site for those dates. Also, a thank you goes out to Stephen Ross for filling in for John on a recent ASO date at Marina. Great job! Thanks again to all of you who took the time to catch my shows and please feel free to access my guestbook and say a little somethin'. See ya this fall.

P.S. I will be offering vocal lessons this Fall to a limited number of SERIOUS students. Please email me if interested.

May 2007

Figured it was time to touch base with those of you who happen to purposely visit the site or perhaps just stumble upon it! Things have really been shaping up for the summer and there'll be even more dates added very soon. Recently, Richie Rodriguez (Rattlebone guitarist) sat in with me for a show down at The Shark Fin Inn as will John Albino (guitarist for my current part-time cover band ASO) this Friday 5/18. For those of you who haven't checked this place out, it's a new establishment in Forked River, NJ and offers a great atmosphere....something ya might not expect outside the shore points of the typical boardwalk scene or Atlantic City. Speaking of Atlantic City, last night Bruce Terkildsen and I made our debut at The Tango Lounge in The Tropicana. I'm proud to say that we're the first "Rock Duo" to set foot on their stage and from the response we received I'm feeling pretty good about the possibilities of us being back there more often. In the next few weeks I'll be speaking more about a CD I have made some vocal contributions to. The release features some vocalists that I'm sure you'll be familiar with. Well, Memorial Day's around the corner, so be sure to check out my "Dates"section and catch a show. Looking forward to seeing you all this summer and also gettin' some color on this pale skin of mine!

March 2007

Just wanted to throw a little somethin' up about the loss the music world has felt with Brad Delp's passing. I'm not really quite sure why he'd have taken his own life, though I have just a couple of thoughts. Maybe we'll hear more with the weeks to come. Brad had one of the most recognizable and incredible voices in Rock N' Roll and Boston's music has always reminded me of better times, especially summer because that's when I usually got the opportunity to see them perform live. I grew up in the mid to tail end of their height, but nothing about their music has ever gotten lost in the transition of the years that followed. I hope that Brad is at peace and maybe one day I'll get to know what it's like to hear how his pipes sound in the Rock Arena upstairs known as Heaven! Sadly, he was one of the few vocal inspirations I never got to meet, but it's nice to know he left so much of who he was behind in his music. My heart goes out to his family.

February 2007

What's up and welcome to the new year! Been quite busy as you'll see if you've checked out the site recently. Which brings me to the guestbook!! If you've seen a show, like the site or have some suggestions, please be sure to sign up on my guestbook which is located under the "Contacts" link on the left side of the home page. So far things are shaping up for the summer and I'm locking new dates in with every week. I'm psyched to get some warm weather again, as well as meeting all of you. I want to take this time to thank so many of you that have come out and shown your support. I've been doing a lot of shows with Bruce and Richie and the response to the material we're doing has been great. I'm trying my best to get a bit of everything for everyone in the sets. Also, for those of you on myspace, please request me at and You'll notice there have been some changes in gigs/dates due to a couple of establishments deciding to make some changes in their entertainment styles. However, I wish them luck in their endeavors and if you'd like to see me in any clubs near you, be sure to tell them about this site. Thanks for droppin' by.

December 2006

Wow, it's been a while since I've written here!? Anyway, the past few months have seen some interesting gigs and I'm just gonna leave it at that. Been busy tryin' to situate things for the upcoming summer and sometimes that can be an uphill battle. Regardless, I'm forging ahead. Not to mention the ASO (the full band) will hopefully be doing a few more dates and venues with this new year.  Please be sure to go to (redirects you to myspace). As of lately I've just been doing a ton of Xmas shopping and trying to get that out of the way, so I'm not one of those last minute maniacs. Got the opportunity to go to  the Cowboys/Giants game last night with my brother for his birthday (Happy 32nd bro!). It was funny to see how quiet things got in the 4th quarter when the Boys dominated, just as my team, the Titans had done the week prior! Sorry to all you Giants' fans! OH YEAH! Be sure to go to the Contacts page where you'll find a link to my "guestbook". I'd love to hear from you guys, whether it's good, bad or ugly! As always, I hope to see so many of you out at the shows.

Happy Holidays!

September 2006

Well, summer's over! That just went way too fast. I saw a lot of new faces at the shows and met some great people. Jarrett and I have been in touch and things seem to be going well out in Indiana. He's giving himself a break from the music right now, but I know he won't be able to resist the calling of his guitars for very long. As for me, I've just been moving forward. The first House of Blues show with Bruce went great last night. People were friendly, repsonsive crowd and the food was great! Keep your eyes open for more shows down there. I've also forged ahead with the full band. We're using the name All Strung Out, so make sure you drop in on one of those gigs. I'll try to list any band dates as such on the dates page. Also met up with one of my best bros and killer bassist Mike LePond this weekend. He's doin' quiet well and his band Symphony X is currently recording their forthcoming CD. Looking forward to that as I know he is. The guestbook will be up within a few short weeks, so please look for that and leave a message or two! Til next time......

P.S. The auditions with Trans-Siberian Orchestra went very well. However, this season the production decided to continue with their artists from previous years, but there's always the future. Thanks to Dina Fanai, Bob Kinkel and Paul O'Neill for this experience and the opportunity. Get out and see a TSO show, you won't regret it!

August 2006

Some new info for ya! I recently auditioned for a popular Holiday project and it seemed to have gone quite well. However, when it comes to these things, as I've experienced, a lot can change drastically in a moment's notice. So, because of this I cannot get into the details, but will keep you posted. Anybody familiar w/Jim Breuer?? Of course you are! Ran into him last week in Manhattan while salivating over the high priced instruments on 48th. I had to stop and give a quick "nice to meet you" with a hand shake. He was very down to earth and responsive. It's always cool to meet a celeb who's a real person and not to mention a metal fan as well! Maybe w/this open invitation he would consider comin' out one night to jam a few metal tunes acoustically. Yes, we'll do a Priest tune! 

Now, on a sad note, due to some recent events, it seems that Jarrett will be moving back to Indiana for a while. He has purchased a home out there with lots of room for his dogs to run wild and to get his "motorcross on"! Oh yeah, h's also decided not to shave for the next 2 years, determined to grow the ultimate ZZ Top beard!! I kid, I kid. I wish Jarrett all the luck and success out there and hope that we will work again together very soon. I'd like to think that Jarrett and I have learned from each other over the past two years of our acoustic adventures and he has become my brother in anger and the most hilarious way!!! With that, I hope that you'll all come out to see him before his departure and give him a big "Sank you bery mush!!".  Also, as you'll note from last months news, Bruce Terkildsen will be stepping up to the plate on acoustic bass guitar/vox during the upcoming months. 

Sooner than later,

July 2006

Hey! Here we are, mid summer. Well, needless to say the weather has not been the greatest, but it really hasn't seemed to stop people from driving me nuts on the GSP (that's Garden State Parkway for those of you not familiar). Gigs are goin' great and people have been really responsive. Jarrett's on vacation in Indiana tearing it up on the motorcross track and in the meantime I've been doing some dates with Bruce Terkildsen. For those of you not familiar with Bruce, he is currently the vocalist/bassist for a local cover band here in NJ called Far Cry. Great band, check 'em out if you get the chance. For you metal kids out there, Bruce was also one of the original founding members of what eventually became White Lion. Thanks to Erik Turner of Warrant for the hook up at Jenkinsons the other night. The band put on a great show with new frontman Jamie, who did a great job and was very down to earth. Also, ran into Jack Frost and we discussed the possibilities of recording together yet again in the very NEAR future.  Working with my bro and right hand man R2 on some enhancements to the site, so please stay tuned.......

Hope everyone's summer is going well. Oh, and did I mention we've just booked the House Of Blues in Atlantic City??? Yet another chance to shake hands with the one-armed bandit and get your ROCK on!

See ya soon,

May-June 2006

Finally a chance to post a little somethin'. If you've had the opportunity to see any of the shows or check out the site, you might have noticed that things are gettin' busy around here. Jarrett and I recently had the opportunity to play the Sand Bar in Brielle this past Memorial Day weekend and I have to say, we had a blast. A lot of audience participation happening at that place. Makes for a great time when you're able to feed off a crowd and we certainly took full advantage of that. It looks like we're gonna get hit with one hell of a humid summer, so make sure to check out the site for dates near or NOT near you and come grab a beverage of choice! A good road trip never hurt anyone.

Also, I should have a guest book up and running shortly so you can post your comments and sign up for any special events that may be going on! Lookin' forward to a rockin' summer with some friends old and new.

Til then, don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things....(ah, who am I kiddin', go ahead, pet 'em!)


March 2006

What's up, you ask? Well, it's that time of year again. Warmer weather is just around the corner (hopefully) and my calendar has started fillin' up like mad! This is a good thing though. This year I will be playing some new venues, including: Morgan's in Eatontown, Caffrey's in Forked River, Tuckerton Beach Bar and Grille, you guessed it in Tuckerton and Marina Grille in Brick. Not to mention, Jarrett and I are back at the Gypsy Bar at the Borgota in AC. Don't miss out on the chance to gamble and shoot back some of the finest Tequilla (or as I like to call it "ta kill ya"), while listening to yours truly. I'm now in the process of getting my studio back in action for pre-production and have some great ideas for what will be my solo debut. It's a bit of a 180 from the Rattlebone days or anything of the like that I've done, but none the less I'm gonna dress to impress. Looking forward to a busy year and seeing some familiar faces.

Thanks to Zakk Wylde, his wife Barbara and friends for hanging during the gig at the Tiki Bar in Pt. Pleasant this summer. Zakk was very down to earth and said some very kind things about the performance. And if you know Zakk, he's not afraid to speak his mind. Hopefully we'll see him around again during Ozzfest this year.